11.23.13 For Energy Sensitives–Upgrades, Tech Support, Empowerment, and YOWZA!

YOWZA is right. And whew. OK, first let me tell you the good news– A two-part, frequency-packed recording called “BEing an Energy Sensitive” is NOW available! It is alive with energy activations, technical support, and multidimensional information. More details, as well as how to receive it, are at the bottom of this post. The content in between is about how the recording came to be, and my own experience of making it. I’d say its well worth reading, but if you just want to cut to the chase and order the recording, you can do that, too– just scroll down, and there you have it.

To continue. I know you’re pretty used to my “multidimensional ways” by NOW, but this is something else, entirely… my “ways” just took a quantum leap, you might say. So, if you’re just visiting my site for the first time, please fasten your seatbelt, because what I’m about to share comes from three days of total immersion  in a mutidimensional process the likes of which I, myself,  have never experienced before. Even though I’m offering the briefest, most skeletal outline I can manage to condense into words, the energy of what I’m putting into them is pretty intense…so just letting you know. And here we go–
About a month ago, I presented the first Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives, which I recorded. The recording was mysteriously erased. A few days ago, I got the call, “Record it NOW.” Huh? The Tele-gathering? “No. just YOUR part. YOUR voice. Do not worry about remembering exactly what you said. The words will come to you as you speak.” So, I set the afternoon aside, pressed the “record” button, and started to speak.

Funny thing is, I had to stop after about fifteen minutes. The information was coming so fast, and every bit of it had so many layers, that I couldn’t translate it all into words at the same rapid pace I was receiving it. Thus began three days of stopping, processing, then starting all over from the top, because I “got” that it was supposed to be delivered “all of a piece.” Each time, I’d get a little fiurther before needing to stop and integrate again– and every time I did, even more energy and information would be added.

Making the final recording  was a pretty weird experience, too. My voice got strangely hypnotic at times, and the energy coming through it (me) would feel very thickly condensed– like syrup, almost. My voice also became disconcertingly scratchy at times. It was only by listening to the recording afterwards, and taking in the frequencies I’d just transmitted, that I was able to decode their meaning. The hypnotic aspect was energetic assistance for the listener in deconstructing old programs of self-limitation. The scratchiness was actually my voice splitting into overtones, which brought through and amplified many frequencies simultaneously.

Anyway, yowza, and enough about me and my process. The recording in now available for you. It is not slick. To my ears, it sounds anything but slick, with my voice cracking all over the place, and energy rushing through it like the wind everytime I pause, and so my voice isn’t holding and carrying it. But it IS organic– it is ALIVE with meta-layer upon meta-layer of high frequencies that resonate with our NEW paradigm.

Its just that our current external technology, being of the old paradigm, doesn’t seem to be able to transmit them very well. But YOU can. Just listen into and through the energy, including through my cracking voice– and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. You may even have a laugh (as I eventually did) at what an obvious confirmation it is of the power of our own energetic technology. We’ll certainly be needing much more evolved external technology, if it is to match our own, and very soon! Until we real-ize that we need none at all, that is…

Oh, yes, one more thing. The recording is also long. Over 2 hours and 45 minutes long, in fact, and so has been divided into two parts. That’s another thing that “just happened” in the process, btw, and it was because everything IN the recording is just too much to take in  all at once. So I got “the word” to stop and take a break, and it was at the perfect moment of completing of one “gestalt” before moving into the next.

So, I seem to have exposed all I need to about the recording, as well as give you the “meta-meaning” of my disclosures, so “gestalt completed,” as the celestial team would say. NOW onto the “nitty gritty” (as guess who would also say?). Here is a brief description of each part, and how to order them–

Part One (1 hr., 37 min.):
— The Experience, the Big Picture Context
— Difference between Brain and Heart Processing
— Multidimensional Snynthesis and Synchronicity
— MEDITATION: Setting Your NEW TEMPLATE of Interconnection
— Introduction to Your NEW BLUEPRINT
— And more… much more…

Part Two (1 hr., 4 min):
— The INSECTS (false beliefs) and the SEQUOIA (the Energy Sensitive)
— Using Emotions as Tools rather than Vehicles
— Tools, Tips, and Transformational Energy Technology
— And still much more…

Reciprocal Energy Exchange:
Both Parts— $28.00
Part One only— $18.00
Part Two only— $14.00

How to Order:
Press the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar of http://www.thecelestialteam.com
Submit your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal
Note your order (example- Recording, 1 & 2)
The link to download your recording will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

Final note about the reciprocal energy exchange– It is not a “payment.” It IS an energy exchange, and will activate your own personal connection to the content of the recording, which is energetically transmitted. As always, I have set the exchange as low as I possibly could without diminishing its ability to activate full reciprocity (in other words, your ability to receive all of it, energetically). And in this recording, especially, there is far more in it than “meets the ear,” as you will soon discover.

En-JOY, and much Love/Light to you!

♥ ♥ ♥
Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.judithdagley.wordpress.com
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    Hello, Beloved! We just want to briefly offer “our take” on this post, as You would say. To us it is a living, experiential, example of what it FEELS like to be a frontrunner on your planet in human form. We also know that it is a mere
    taste of the challenge that the Energy Sensitives among You face in stepping forward with the truth of your experiences…
    “without a net,” so to speak, in a world that still relies on one. We are awed by such courage. We speak in code with these words. There is much within them. But as an Energy Sensitive, we trust that You will find it ALL. Know how we honor you, and how we bow to your courage in bringing your alchemical mastery to your planet, and in USING it NOW. Those of You who have said YES to that are like sacred babes in the woods.
    For those who “think” they are lost, YOU are there to show them, through the courage of Love, that they are NEVER lost–
    for all in the woods is ONE.
    How we love and cherish You for that.
    — the celestial team

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