11.17.13 Emergence Emergency– The Perfect Storm

What a weekend of unprecedented intensity this is! Not news to most of you, I’m sure– not by this point within it, anyway. As this particular Taurus moon reaches fullness, it is accompanied by a celestial Grand Cross that is designed to propel us into expansion in any way possible. Thus, we are being catapulted into the unknown, and “planted” by the grounding energy of Taurus in a whole NEW territory–IF we allow it, that is.

Whether we do or not, it will  have its way with us somehow, for it is, indeed, “the perfect storm,” and bound to feel like an unprecedentedly radical one, at that. In our Grand Cross, we have the revolutionary energies of Jupiter fueling the evolutionary influence of Uranus, while ruthless Pluto brings all of our pre-conceived limitations right into our faces. What does that look like?  Like “shit hitting the fan,” you might say… But we have Venus in the cross, as well, which puts the “perfect” right into the center of what might otherwise seem to many as a relentless “hurricane of poop.”

You see, Venus brings Love into it as the very eye of the storm, which is the “eye of the needle” within us, as well. If we say “YES” to it and choose to enter, it is the gateway through the storm. It is the gateway to the beautiful other side that is our hearts’ desires, there waiting for us right NOW. Of course, for those who’ve missed perceiving this gateway, this energetic hurricane all looks/feels/seems like nothing more than “poop-sprinkled chaos,” I’m sure. If you are one of them, all I can do is urge you from my own heart to look/feel/see into it more deeply! Also, please  remember that chaos is not a bad thing, but a natural, necessary, stage of transformation. And if it smells really, really bad… remember the source of that metaphoric stench… yep. Better out than in, is it not? Finally?

Forgive me, btw, for using this relatively gross metaphoric illustration. I’m not that comfortable with it either, but it is the only one that “cuts to the chase” in aptly matching the denser frequencies of perception held by those who would simply want to  back out of the storm, perhaps by saying “Why would I want to go through this? It stinks!” Or (ha!), “This is beneath me. I only choose to engage in frequencies that feel good to me.”

If you happen to be one of the latter, please remember that all of your external creations (and you do co-create them all!)– are simply reflections of what is within you. I know, “yuck,” huh? But I encourage you to face it anyway, for your sake, because the only way out of such reflections and through the gate that leads beyond them is Love–beyond prior limitations of fear, mistrust, judgments, or perceptions of NOW based on “past experience.” Please remember that you can choose to get out of the yuck, and into where you truly long to be– through the quantum leap beyond “the known”–by choosing Love.

Of course, you can choose NOT to go through the “eye of the needle of Love.” You can choose to stay behind, instead, and try to rebury your garbage within you in order to avoid the smell (“try” being the operative word…and yuck about burying garbage within you, anyway!). You can try to stay behind in the “same-old/same-old” because it feels familiar, and is what you “think you know.” All I ask is that you ponder that choice thoroughly and honestly through your heart before making it. Is that what you TRULY want to do? Is “same-old/same-old” where you TRULY want to be, how you TRULY want to live? Is THAT your heart’s desire?

I strongly suspect NOT…since you are alive NOW, on the planet NOW, experiencing this gateway out of the old NOW, through whatever and with whomever is bringing it into form with and for you. We did not embody on this planet, at this moment of “time,” and create gateways into Love for ourselves, in order to refuse to use them, after all! Nor will they simply sweep us through, or penetrate our energy fields and deliver us on the other side–not without our intent/consent to say YES, and to take actions to go through them, consciously and awake– we are sovereign, you know.

So, each one of us must decide whether to use these gateways or not. Just remember that it is through our YES to going through them that we claim our sovereign ability/responsibility to transcend our programmed limitations. Only through our willing YES to go through the proverbial “shit” do we reap the fruits of our own expansion and soar into Love…so just choose CARE-fully and SELF-lovingly, rather than from old fear-based illusions of “self-protection.” That is what my own heart asks of me, and so what I  share with you, as well.

And if you have balked at this particular, profoundly intense gateway thus far, real-ize that it is intense only because of its power to assist you/us… and there is still “time” to change your mind” and say YES to Love!  The full moon/Grand Cross energy is at its peak today, and so the eye of the needle, the gateway of Love, is still there, accessible…and calling to you, both within you and for you. For us all, in truth,  it is “time” to cut through “the crap” and say “I love you,” and mean it. It is “time” to  TRUST LOVE…or to face that we do NOT.

So whatever you choose, choose wisely, choose strongly, do not be afraid to choose radically… and choose SOON. Bless your beautiful heart. Godspeed. ♥♥♥
Copyright (c) 2013, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.judithdagley.wordpress.com

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  1. Priscilla R

     /  November 18, 2013

    I can’t believe this email! I was sick all weekend and felt it was representing something more than “having an upset stomach”!! Or ‘food poisoning’….and here this is…the last few weeks have felt intense and difficult and then this release. I still do not feel ‘normal’ as it is only monday for me,but I did feel the strength of my love and the love around me.

    Thank you

  2. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Hello, Beloved! In the energies of NOW, only a multidimensional being who is feeling them while
    embodied in human form–as You are– could communicate them to You in “experiential authenticity,” human to human. And it is that multidimentional awareness that is MOST important to each and all of You NOW–for each of You hold it within You. It is not “special,” You see, but innate, encoded into your very DNA . So take in this post through your earthly/celestial multidimensional heart center, feel the resonance, and say “I LOVE YOU,” and mean it, NOW! It does not matter, the judgments that have kept You from doing so–they are nothing but illusions, 3D distortions. Cut through them NOW, through “the eye of the needle,” as your Yeshuwah has called it many times– to Love, and express Love NOW. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is even “real!”
    How we love you! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

  3. Sky*

     /  November 19, 2013

    Dearest Judith:
    I absolutely love your sense of humor (& the Celestial Team). When I read this email I was actually laughing out loud at your metaphor (as you call it!). I feel the humor just helped me to “Get It” even better, and in a more lighthearted way. Thanks for raising my vibes in a “fun” way. Love you & the “C. Team”. Sky*

  4. Yesterday, I watched a food program and a fish intestines dish was featured. The host didn’t dare eat it because she was disgusted by the thought of shit. The chef reassured her that in the morning when the fishermen first trapped the fishes among nets, they beat the surface of the water very hard so that all the fish were jumping around in a frenzy. The fish got so scared that they would empty their bowels and cleanse their own digestive system so the intestines were clean and delicious to eat. Yes, another yucky metaphor. LOL

  5. Reblogged this on .

  6. Great post!

    It feels more like a shit storm!

    • HahahaHA! We just have to find the eye in the middle of the hurricane–its there somewhere!

      • Jupiter is transiting my Cancer ASC, and I was told that I would have the best of luck for one year. However, a tornando would probably be more appropriate for the dismantling of my present situation. At least with a storm, there’s an eye.

        Either way, one must roll with the punches!

        Thank you for responding, and keep writing, so that I can continue reading!

  1. Judith Dagley – Emergence Emergency- The Perfect Storm – 19 November 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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