11.10.13 EMERGENCE!

If you are you feeling innundated these days by regrets, sorrows, and/or self-recriminations over “things that happened in the past”–things you thought you’d left behind a long “time” ago–then  congratulate yourself! It means you are in flow with your own expansion. It means that you are ready to TRULY release those old self-limiting programs at last. You see, you may have thought you had already done so, based on what you’d been told about HOW to do so “in the past”… say by using affirmations, for example. Yep, that method in particular sure was a “self-help bestseller” a few decades ago, wasn’t it?

But that was then. Besides, it never REALLY worked, even back then, did it? That’s because affirmations are formulated in the brain… which is a programmed treadmill… which can create the illusion of “getting ahead,” of course… which can get us all excited for awhile… until we realize we aren’t really going anywhere we haven’t already been. The brain is very dedicated to keeping us running its 3rd dimensional treadmill, and since every thought is formulated from its vast storehouse of what we already know, how could it take us anywhere NEW, anyway?

But NOW, however, all the old, SELF-defeating patterns that are rising up into your consciousness are not being pulled up by thoughts. In fact, they usually seem to come rushing up on their own, and often in spite of what we think!  Well, they’re not coming up entirely on their own, nor do they mean you’re on the same old treadmill, repeating the same old patterns. Remember the Laws of Resonance I keep mentioning in my posts and videos? Aha! That’s what you’re experiencing NOW, and so vividly that you can’t help but get an excellent lesson in how they work. And that is a GOOD thing!

As I said, the way the old stuff is coming up NOW is different, and the difference means that you are in flow with your own process of expansion. Remembering how the Laws of Resonance work will keep you focused on that difference; otherwise, you might end up resisting your own expansion–oh, no! As we move into higher (more expansive) frequencies, all of the lower ones that are still within us attempt to resonate with them, and so are propelled upward, too. And the beauty of that is, when they do, you can release all of the beliefs, fears, judgments, etc., that kept some of your own frequencies locked in their lower ones!

So they’re all coming up to let you know EXACTLY what you need to let go of– you don’t have to worry about them lurking in crevices within you, “hiding from the Light”– because they can’t! These NEW higher frequencies just cause them to spiral right up. NOW, how great is that? And since you’re reading this, you’ve probably also read at least some of my posts over the past three years, on either this site or the celestial team’s, about HOW to release them. So USE that information, and do so NOW!

See…this IS YOUR responsibility. Whew, it made me nervous just to write that, because  I am aware that  those who cling to the old, powerless, victim/aggressor paradigm would take it as a giant, “victimizing,” accusation. (See? That’s some old fear in me that just came up, and I had to stop and clear it before pecking out another word!) Self-responsibility is the ticket out of “victim consciousness,” and into “sovereign authority.” Out of the dissonance of separation, and into the harmony of Unity Consciousness. I’d even go so far as to say that claiming “Sovereign Self-Responsibility” is the biggest gateway into JOY that any of us could enter.

And THAT’S why its so wonderful that these old fear-based thoughts and perceptions from “the past” are coming up to be released NOW– because something much BETTER is ready to emerge. And it is everything your heart desires. So self-judgment comes up, for example. Why? To be released. Why? Because SELF-LOVE  IS READY TO EMERGE. So fear comes up to be replaced by the safety of Love, resentment to be replaced by compassion, self-doubt to be replaced by self-trust….you get the picture, right?

Wow, just typing that filled me with excitement! Did you feel it, too, as you read it? If so, follow that excitement! Let the focus of your process be on your EMERGENCE, not on what is coming up to be released–for the focus of that is to make room for your emergence! Place your attention on what is ready to bloom within you, and the clearing out of what is old will no longer feel “victimizing,” but will become encouraging, empowering, and even supportive, which is what it actually is. Kind of like cleaning out a grungy closet after a decade or four of inattention– once you get into it and “see” it begin to emerge without the grunge, the cleaning out process becomes not such a “big ordeal,” after all–because your focus has shifted to excitement about the emerging NEW space.

“SEE” your OWN emergence NOW, and clearing space for it won’t seem like a “big ordeal,” either. Not when you begin to feel the eagerness of the divine within you to finally have that space to fill, after having lived unrecognized and crammed into an obscure, tiny corner for so long! Not when you begin to feel your own eagerness light you up,  then go brighter with gratitude, joy..and finally ablaze in every cell with wildly celebratory excitement…

PLEASE don’t miss any of it. Focus on the emergence,  clear the space for it, and…en-JOY.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013, All Rights Rezserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.judithdagley.wordpress.com

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  2. I haven’t been this cranky in a long time.

    • Lol! Thanks for sharing, my sister! Didn’t know you still had all that crankiness in you, did you? I know the feeling..only it IS different…this “time,” I’m not attached to it…I can see that it isn’t ME, exactly because I’m the one who’s looking at it, rather than feeling as if I AM it…and THAT makes ALL the difference!.

      • I was quite amazed at its persistence but at the same time I feel fine too. There’s a lightness in the body which is difficult to describe. I was completely aware that it’s just last vestiges coming up to be purged. I wrote some pretty crazy stuff in my journal earlier today. I feel like I’m getting so much of the garbage out of the way.

  3. I’ve noticed myself falling back a bit too… time to let it all go.

  4. You’re right on Judith! Affirmations are powerful when we use them to fuel the effective actions we take. Without effective action not a whole lot happens. I mean I got this right from the start a dozen years ago as I was told by the Counsel of Light that part of my higher purpose was to write books. Books of course do not write themselves and books would not manifest by me saying affirmations, rather I actually had to take effective action and to do the writing. And that’s how it is with anything on this planet. (I brought all this up in my books, articles and posts, but many did not want to hear it.)

    You have to go the whole road. Your higher self will not accept anything less…unless you’re done for this life and are ready to move on and to do it at another point in time somewhere. But why not do it now as the opportunity for growth and expansion is so great?

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    Thank you to Judith♥

  6. Infinite Love & Graditude Beautifull Sister, Judith. it is always a gift to connect with You . 🙂 I Love you All!!
    Continue to Be Blessed ❤

  7. Judith it is so great to hear/see this out in the open and given in such love. I found I had to step back with sharing this message/lesson myself for so many were not ready to hear it yet, they wanted to know what has brought such change to me. I do feel the loving power of these words. I know it is time for the sharing of what I know has brought me the balanced peace, joy and most of all LOVE and no fear! You are speaking it here I love you, you bring me such great joy!

    • Thank YOU, Dawn, for receiving what I share, and also for “completing the circuit” with your heartfelt response. I understand what you say about speaking of these things–which is like opening one’s very soul- when the ears to hear them are yet few, and often closed. It has been a challenging road, indeed. But those of us who felt the call to do so anyway have been the beacons and bridges, the frontrunners who set the template for the ALL of us. And yes, NOW it is “time” for each one of us to let go off all hesitation, all “need to feel heard ” in order to offer our voices! NOW let the joy of which we speak be our own joy, and know that it is everything–everything!– our heart’s desire!
      Much, much Love/Light to you, DAWN. En-JOY! ♥♥♥

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