9.29.13 Are You an “Energy Sensitive?” Then This is for YOU, part 1. ♥

This post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write. Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured.

Yet I suddenly got a most powerful “hit” (right upside my own head, lol)– that all of this well-deserved attention that’s being showered on those who aspire to become “energy sensitive” –by many of us who already are and so feel the call to do the showering–is neglecting the “energy sensitives” among us who have not been equally supported or encouraged!

Well, what the hay?

Stay attuned–Part 2 of this post is on its way!


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    Ah, Beloved! We pop in briefly to add our frequencies to this “post,” as you call it–although were You to hear us through your physical ears, we would sound like peals of laughter rather than words! We are in our state of…what you might call hilarity!… because of the way our Judith describes, in her post, what the call to reach out to those of You who are categorized as “energy sensitives” felt like. And we will certainly not spoil your fun in reading that for yourSelf! But we WILL tell You that what she describes was only the beginning of her experience, and then give You the delicious experience of waiting until her…”follow-up post,” to read/hear/feel the rest. Only know THIS blazing truth for NOW, Beloved: The “energy sensitives” among You are your frontrunners. They live in a state of being that is ahead of your “time,” You might accurately say. As such, they have often been pathologized in your lifetime. It is “time” to expand your vision! And…should YOU be one of these beacons of Light called “energy sensitive,” know that is “time” to be tended to, nurtured, and supported. Know that our Judith knows this as well, and is opening her human/celestial arms to You. Also know that WE will have a hand–or “celestial arm,” in the doing, of course…how could we not? We Love You so! Let us enfold You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

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