7.8.13 New Moon in Cancer–Use It!

Just a brief check-in about the energies of our New Cancer moon tonight–very powerful for supporting intentions of CHANGE!  This new moon is a very “watery” one –not only is Cancer a water sign, but the moon’s energies are amplified by a trine of other water signs, as well. The energy is very fluid, in other words, and since it opposes Pluto in Capricorn, it seems divinely synchronized with our collective process of breaking apart old patterns in order to create NEW ones. (And we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that, in various ways, all over the world!)  However, this watery energy is also ideal for flushing away the old, and fluidly integrating NEW intentions.

So,  I suggest you use it! First, recognize all the evidence of the old making way for the NEW–both in the world, and within you. Situate yourself within that recognition, and you will feel the opening it creates for you to plant NEW seeds of intention. Then, flood yourSelf with love and “take your stand,” so to speak. Decide what YOU want to contribute to the energies of change, and what YOU wish to create for yourself. Then, set them as your intentions. Write them down. Say them aloud every morning. As you do, focus on their frequencies–don’t limit them with expectations of how they will manifest, or even what they will “look like.” Remember, as an energetic being, you create through frequencies–“thinking” them into a form will only limit your creations NOW.

Then, use the frequencies of your NEW intentions as a steering wheel to navigate you into their fruition. In every moment, choose to direct your energy only into thoughts and actions that are in alignment with them. Let all that are not go. How? Just drop them! Othwerwise, your own frequencies will drop, and you’ll be one of those who are asking, “Why do I feel lost?” And if that should happen, NOW you know why. You just forgot your sovereignty for a minute, that’s all, and gave your power away to old thought patterns or beliefs. Or, you gave it to others–who believe me, don’t know what to do with it! Only YOU do.

But if/when you find yourself “off course” in any of those ways, no problem. Simply re-set yourself in the frequencies of your intention. It is that easy. To do this, of course, you’ll need to stay present in the NOW. Every NOW. That’s where–and only where–your power as a creator being lies. That’s the only place you are truly alive, in fact–so why would you even want to be anywhere else, or anything but fully alive? This is your life, after all…

So, set your intentions with self-love, hold them, and  have fun! The more you love yourSelf, the more Love you manifest around you. The more fun you have, the more fun you create. Get the picture?

NOW…YOU GO!!!!!!!


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    This is Judith. A “little bird” suggested that I share this with You. That’s the translation I was given through the frequencies, anyway…Lol. The celestial team is feeling very playful today, it seems!

  2. thank you little bird!

  3. Thank you, Judith for answering the call. Much Gratitude, Love and Blessings!

    • My pleasure, Yan! Thank YOU for sharing your Gratitude, Love, and Blessings.
      Much Love/Light to you–Judith

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    A gift from the heavens…

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