6.30.13 Nelson Mandela’s Gift

6/30/13  A Hit of the Day–Nelson Mandela’s Gift in the NOW

I am so moved by the way Nelson Mandela’s weakening physical condition is bringing us together as a global community, united in Love. It doesn’t matter if the Love energy we are generating together is for HIM, rather than the All!  It is Love, and Love knows no boundaries. ALL of us are feeling this Love! ALL of us are in this Love together!

Nelson Mandela is showing us something most wonderful. He is showing us that even  as he is “seemingly” most helpless, his mission is playing out more powerfully than ever. FEEL, right NOW, how moved YOU are by that realization. Let it sink in…and remember!

Remember once more what you have always known. No mattter how things “seem,” the energy of Love is far more powerful than any illusions otherwise–and Love is not finite (as we are not), whether physically embodied or not.

NOTHING You do from Love is ever, ever in vain. And, for everything you have ever, ever, done from Love, whether seen or unseen, and regardless of how it “seemed” to turn out—-I bow to You NOW.

Namaste, Master. Well done!
♥♥♥ Judith


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  1. Thank you Judith for your beautiful insight on Nelson Mandela, and for your love.

    Mary Cousineau


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