To all of you who have shared your powerful experiences as you take in the energies of the first POWER TOOLKIT video–a huge, heartfelt, THANK YOU!!!
I am SO glad that so many of you began to feel it working within you as profoundly as you did, right from the very first viewing. I am equally glad that those of you who did not, persisted until you did! 

The process of “opening to receive and take in” is different for everyone, and exactly RIGHT for everyone, no matter how it unfolds. The important thing is to commit, persist, and allow it to, in whatever way it does. BRAVO to all of you for that! (Take THAT in, please!)

As well, PLEASE continue to take in the video–especially the meditation–on a daily basis! Make it a practice– until it becomes a habit– until you know it “by heart”–until it becomes your NEW WAY OF BEING. Remember that you are setting an entirely NEW template to activate your alchemy as a Creator–using entirely NEW energies that have never been accessed on the planet before NOW.

And DO please keep sharing your process with me! This truly IS a “reciprocal energy exchange,” and your “input” helps me to refine my “output.” Not only that, but consider sharing your process with the others in our energy circuit as well. You can do so on this site, or as a comment beneath the video, or on my Facebook page.

Here is why:
We are all in this “reciprocal energy exchange” together. As each shares their bounties, each not only increases the flow to themselves, but participates in creating a Commonwealth (common wealth) of abundance for the ALL of us. This is no small thing. This is the template of Unity Consciousness.

Any who feel a pull to participate in the POWER TOOLKIT but have not yet “taken the leap,” know that you are welcome to join us at any “time.” (I’m not even sure what “any time” means anymore, though, I have to disclose, as “time” is spiraling so fast into one extended NOW…)

I also want to reiterate that, as those who have begun to use it have discovered, the POWER TOOLKIT is energetically ALIVE. As such, it must be integrated in the sequential process necessary for growth that is in alignment with our current earthly origins. In other words, each segment needs to be thoroughly integrated in order to support the growth that is offered by the next one.

IF you would prefer to do that in community, and in timing with the powerfully activating energies of the solstice—NOW would be the “time.”  There is no “wrong timing,” however! There is no “right way” to expand into yourSELF. Forget “rules!” YOU are unique. “Timing” is vastly different for each of us, and it changes in every NOW. Only YOU can feel the flow of your own “timing.” TRUST IT.

Trust the solstice energies that have flooded you, and are NOW being absorbed into your energy grid, as well. Rest, drink a lot of water, and do NOT push yourSelf on any pre-set linear path! Not NOW!


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Ah, Beloved! You have arrived, exactly whre You have been aiming yourself, for aeons. As has your planet Gaia, for there is no separation between You. You have collectively arrived in the sector of space that is alive with tbe highest frequencies that humanity has ever known. We congratrulate You, as does your entire universe. There is quite a cosmic party of celebration going on on your behalf!
    NOW that You have arrived–use it well, Beloved! Do not wait, for “time” is an illusion thzat is disappearing fast. Step into yourSelf, NOW.
    And oh, we cannot wait to watch You ignite your Light! We love You so–the celestial team

  2. Laura

     /  June 29, 2013

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  3. Rita Kempf

     /  June 29, 2013

    Hi Judith, I want to thank you and the celestial team. You are right. The first time I tried this exercise and felt the power of moving the energy down and up in my body, I felt a recognition and completeness. Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to feel. I was coming back home again into my own body!

    • Thank you for sharing your very first experience of using the exercise, Rita–it was quite a bounteous beginning, indeed! I am grateful to you for adding it to the “common wealth” we are accruing through our reciprical energy exchange. And was only the beginning…
      watch/feel/experience what happens as you continue to use the exercise, integrate the energies, and feel your NEW foundation become part of your own energy grid!


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