6.22.13 The Moment of Power is NOW!

6/22/13 Solstice energies, AND a full Capricorn “super moon!”

Just to tell you, I never exactly, specifically, intended to be writng posts as often as I seem to be doing these days. I thought I’d just be witing once in awhile, as  insights arose and sparked me to share them. About six months ago, I noticed that those periodic insights started to arise and spark me to share them more and more often–and NOW, they are coming almost every day.

Not my plan, that’s for sure, to be spending so much “time” writing posts! But then, that’s just confirmation that NOTHING “pre-planned” will ever work in the energies of NOW. We are in NEW energies that  continuously accelerate their support of our expansion way beyond “pre–anything” we have been limited to expect before NOW! So, we either align with our own desires for expansion and say say “yes” to them, or we resist them and “try” to run on the old treadmllls we are accustomed to. (“Try” being the operative word, as all shall soon see, if you haven’t already…)

All right, enough about MY insights, and onto invoking your own.  We are NOW in the midst of a rising Capricorn full moon–a “super moon,” no less!–occuring within the midst of the solstice energies that are still innundating us. A “super moon,” if you don’t know, is one that is both perigree (closest to our earth) and syzgeny (in alignment with our sun). This kind of moon always offers an enormously  powerful amplification of whatever our current process is–and in this case, it is to ground the downloads from the solstice about our energetic interconnection with the All.

And if you’ll take in the full meaning of that, you’ll real-ize that this is one BIG offering!  Not only is it a grounding  doorway to compassion and Unity Consciousness, but it offers expansive access to the technology through which to create it, as well–which is our energetic interconnection with the All. THAT is where our power lies, as energetic beings embodied in earthly form. Let this glorious super-moon awaken you to your fully Sovereign Self, then, as the earthly/celestial Creator Being You are!

AND, to those of you who have accessed the first video of the Power Toolkit, please USE this unprecedented alignment of energy to fuel your process NOW! Take in the meditation as often as you are willing to create space for doing so over the next three days. Recognize the way you prioritize it  as a revelation  about your OWN commitment to yourself, as well. If it is not first on your list, what IS?

What story do you still live by that makes anything BUT reclaiming your  Sovereignty as a Creator Being  MORE important?  What “inner critic” from the past do you still give your power away to? Is it the one that says “This will get you nowhere?”  Or, “You don’t feel anything from it yet, so give it up! This is  just another waste of time!” Or, the one that shames you and says, “Get back on the treadmill like a good girl/boy, and REALLY accomplish something for once!”

We have ALL heard those voices, many times over. It is only when we real-ize tbat they are only thought-forms that have become stories through the energy that WE have given them that we real-ize our power. Just as we made those stories seem “real” through our own investment of energy in them, so can we create NEW ones.

And once we see that, we realize that we are all magicians! The magic, of course, is generated from within. What we focus on becomes the story we  designate as “reality.” USE this full supermoon well, then, budding alchemists! Fellow magicians, acclimate yourSelves to the power Sourse within You! Orient yourSelves in the point of your power, which is NOW!

Why not? Why not believe in magic? Why not decide to be a magician? Do you have something BETTER to do?  If so please enlighten me—

“Tell me, what it is YOU plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
–Mary Oliver


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