6.12.13 “Sovereign Authority 2013” — About Links and Interference…

I am posting this here because it offers an example, through my own experience, of just how powerful and finely tuned our abilities as Co-Creative Energetic Beings are. To operate any longer without awareness of this would be like assuming that knowing how to run a a go-cart around a track means that you know how to drive a Lamborghini at top speed on a mountain road!
Sounds crazy, huh? Nonetheless, if you are having some difficulty navigating the speedy twists and turns of your own life these days…it might be “time” to learn how to REALLY drive…
(To access the message this post is in response to, btw, just click on the title mentioned above.)
And by all means, enjoy the ride!
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the celestial team

Hello, Fellow Beloveds!

This is Judith. First of all, I am bringing you a working link to the video that the celestial team very much wants you to re-view–

Sovereign Authority, 2013



The link is actually the same one that was posted in the celestial team’s “Sovereign Authority: Re-View, Re-Member, Re-Claim” message yesterday. However, when posted in the midst of their very powerful, high frequency, Love/Light transmission, through my wearying earthly fingers, some sort of “glitch” occurred, and all who clicked on the link found a black screen saying, “Sorry. This video does not exist.”

Well, the video certainly does exist! A more accurate statement to find on that black screen would have been, “Sorry. Your ability to access this video is currently being interfered with.” Yes. It was “interference.” However, this “interference” is NOW actually being transmuted into a very valuable “teaching moment.” Such is the power of practicing one’s ability to operate as a Sovereign Being of Frequency.

A brief explanation–My weariness led…

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