NOW is the Moment of Choosing Your Future!


The NOW is always the moment in which you create your future. However, you never work alone– regardless of how tenaciously you have held onto that belief. You are an energy being, and energy  is the medium you use to create your ever-changing perception of “reality.” You are also supported by energy 100% in manifesting exactly the reflections of “reality” that match the frequencies that you pulse out.

However, there are “ebbs and flows” to energy, as you know by experiencing your own.  The particular kind of energy that our current full moon/lunar eclipse is offering us is unlike any we have ever known–because, whether we recognize it or not, our own states of being are NOW unlike any we have ever known. It is the last of a series of three eclipses, all experienced consecutively, and so that alone tells you that it is rare. They have supported us in opening the metaphoric (yet also very real), “cans of worms” that we have been stashing in the corners of our psyches, and so carrying around with us for millenium.

Why have we been stashing them away? Because  they held perceptions about ourselves that we were  “too ashamed” to face.  Or, because they were “too painful,” and we felt “too powerless” to deal with them.  But underlying all of that–the sneaky bottom line–is that we stashed away our “cans of worms” rather than face them because we thought we could get away with it. Ouch, right? That’s a tough one to face.

I’ll tell you an even tougher one–we can’t get away with it.  Never have and never will, because as  energetic beings, nothing we hold within us is ever hidden!  Our external experience is created through the frequencies we hold within us–and that means worms and all. What we think we’re hiding, we’re actually exposing in various manifestations, over and over again. What we think we’re avoiding, we’re actually hanging onto, and reliving in various ways, over and over again. Horrifying, isn’t it? Our belief that we are separate from one another may be the biggest “can of worms” of all!

NOW, however, we are moving out of the illusions of  fear-based separation, and into Unity Consciousness. This triad of eclipses that we are about to complete our interaction with has been of great service in exposing any leftover obstacles (including huge piles of cans!) that have stood in our way. With this final one, we are supported in claiming our Light as our own again, with no more dark corners to hide or feel ashamed of. We are ready to speak freely with our own individual, authentic voices as never before, in a way that will bring us joy, and so serve others simply in the doing.

We will only be supported in this NEW evolution of self, of course, to the extent that we choose to be. My hope is that each of you make this choice a priority, consciously and intentionally, beginning right NOW. Forget the limitations of the past! Forget judgments and decisions  about what you’ll believe or not believe, based on “past knowledge.” The choices you made, even within the last 24 hours, are not relevant NOW. NOW is a whole NEW ball-game.

My hope is that you will watch the video I am posting the link to below– and watch it from your heart center, rather than running it through your old, repetitive, ego/brain programming. Watch it NEW, in other words. Like a child, rather than through the filters of meaning that you have acquired along your journey through life–and that never led to happiness! Let yourself feel what, and how, any parts of the video resonates within you, and trust that resonance–for it is yours, alone, and so  the key to your own magic.

Let everything that doesn’t resonate go, of course. But NOTE what does, and revel in it. Breathe it into you. Write it down! Say it aloud! Then watch the video again. Why? To confirm to yourself that the resonance is “REAL.” This is what commitment takes. It is a critical step, in order to dispell all doubts, both NOW, and in the “future.”

After you have done these things, and are clear and sure and all “fired up,”with the frequencies you choose to live in– SET THEM AS YOUR INTENTION within the energies of our full moon/solar eclipse, which we will feel most powerfully between NOW and twilight of 5/26/13. Then, simply hold them, and know that it is done. There is no need to fuss over the outcome. Instead, rest assured that IT IS DONE, because of the conviction of your intention. Know that you have activated an energy circuit, which means that NOW–as the mystic/poet Rumi put it quite a long time ago–“What you seek is seeking YOU.”

Here is the link to the video–

Keep me posted on your journey,  please, for I send you much faith in your courage, belief in your spirit, and plain old human, profoundly divine desire to feel our energy circuit of connection expressed back to me. That IS the beginning of Unity Consciousness…. ♥♥♥
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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    Beloved—We are moved. All we ask is that you take this one to heart.
    Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

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  3. Dear Judith and the CT thank you so much!! I AM so eager to watch the video! Peace and Love!

  4. Sage

     /  May 24, 2013

    Yes Judith, ‘a can of worms indeed’! Great metaphor for the ‘past’ wounds, traumas, programming, lies, bogus belief systems and the lower three chakra ‘confusions’ which have run our lives for eons and kept us enslaved in 3D dogma illusions! Of course, we have to eventually take full responsibility for buying into it! As a Lightworker/warrior I thought I had dealt with much of the ‘stuff’, as I spent the last 20 years in an attempt to understand, learn and prepare for these times. Taking out one worm at a time and patiently fishing for some kind of resolution. And I will admit, that I became a little disheartened when a more ‘outer’ transformation didn’t transpire after the threshold was passed through, only to find my own can still had worms in it! Damn! But, what I have realized is that my egoic self needed a worm or two in order to stay connected to the matrix to avoid feeling totally isolated and alone. Very clever the mind! The magical time has arrived, however, for us all to just take the entire can of wiggly dross of our history, dump it into our inner, deep, still, crystaline lake of purification within the heart and giggle like a toddler as TRUTH gobbles them up in a feeding frenzy; as food for the upgraded NOW!! The past is finished and is merely fertilizer for a new ‘hot’ bed of higher frequency gardening! The New Earth is being created from our own ‘shit’; and we have made it wrong all this time! Funny stuff! Fresh Spiritual sustenance anyone?? Thanks for your work Judith! Be Peace! Sage

  1. Judith Dagley – Now Is The Moment Of Choosing Your Future – 24 May 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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