5.9.13 This is What TRANSITION Feels Like! LOVE Will Get You Through.

5/9/13 On the Eve of Our New Moon/Solar Eclipse–A  BIGTIME “Hit of the Day”
This particular “hit” seemed to form out of the very energies of our new moon/solar eclipse, and strike with an impact that I can only imagine is how it feels to be struck by lightning. It left me feeling weightless, disoriented, and most definitely “altered.” Even now, several hours later, I wondered if I might still be a little too shaky to put much energy into writing about it, and got the message, “Don’t write about it. You’ll be doing plenty of that later. For NOW, just tell them.”
O.K. I will. What “hit me” was that we are, with this new moon/solar eclipse, in the very midst of a major transition. We are manifesting a complete change in the way we experience ourselves, and  one that will be irreversible. In fact, the words that actually kept coming up were “NEW LIFE.” Yowza. Major, irreversible transition? New life? This all sounded/felt awfully radical and extreme to me, until I “connected the dots,” they all came together, and I GOT it. (That’s how synchronicity works, btw–you have to connect the dots to get the picture.)
In this case, the “dots” were–the way the awareness made me feel when it hit, and the words “irreversible, “transition,” and “new life.” Bingo. As a mother, I can tell you, that’s childbirth in a nutshell. Not only that, but “transition” is what the stage between really bad cramps and pushing your baby out into the world is actually called! And it is so INTENSE, so upside-down crazy, that those of us who practice delivering our babies naturally for months before the moment arises, immediately forget everything we learned–once we hit “transition.”
BUT. We don’t forget WHY we learned it.
We who learn the methods of “natural childbirth” do so because we already LOVE our unborm babies, and we already know them intimately. We had agreed to conceive them before they first sparked in our wombs–and even if we have no conscious idea that we had–our bodies recognize them for us. We carry them within us as they form. By the time we are ready to give birth, we don’t care a hang about what the process of allowing them to be born in their own way will be like! Neither do we care whether they’ll be “normal,’  or how they’ll “turn out!” None of that matters. It is inconsequential because we already LOVE them with “the Love that passeth all understanding.”
And why is it relevant to broadcast this precious, private, personal truth of mine onto my website NOW? Because that is the precious, private, personal, process that each and all who read it are going through NOW. You are birthing yourSelf into a whole NEW way of being. And whether you are embodied in male or female form makes n0 difference–we all have BOTH male and female energies within us. The time to free yourself from limiting beliefs otherwise is NOW.
We need BOTH of them, working together within us–just as I did when I was giving birth to my physical children–IF we want to free ourselves from the old paradigm of separation, that is. That is a personal choice, but one that each one of us is called to make consciously and intentionally NOW. To give birth to Unity Consciousness, one must first nurture it within oneself.
Well!! All of this has poured out of me like a torrent. Even though it all came to me in a flash of lighning, putting it into words is rudimentary at best, and leaves so MUCH left to say! For NOW, I will leave you with this—
Remember WHY you are here.
Remember what your heart desires, and simply LOVE your way through the process of becoming a “match” for it.
Let go of “needing to know the outcome,” or trying to control your transition. How could you, when all you know is where you have already been?
Simply hold onto your heart’s desire, trust, and know that any thoughts that  interfere with it have NOW become inconsequential. LOVE illuminates all of that without effort, don’t worry.
LOVE yourself through your upside-down, crazy, transition, then, and it will bring you through–for LOVE is ALL you need, or will ever need, to know.
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    Hello, Beloveds, from your fellow Beloved, Judith! This post was given to me to transmit from my “humanness,” rather than through the celestial team, for reasons you will feel and “know’ as you read it. It is about ALL of us who reside on earth NOW, and in such a profoundly true way that I could not even imagine putting it into words– but I took a shot at it anyway! I did so because I trust–no, I KNOW–that although what we are all going through together NOW is beyond what 3D language can describe–those of you who have been learning how to go beyond language through taking in our messages and videos over the past 2 years WILL be able to READ it– far beyond the limitations of the words. I, Judith, am so GRATEFUL to you for that! As we know, many among us are still “in denial” (to use a common but easily recognized psycho-babble term) about the transitional process we are in NOW. They are hoping to be carried by the energies of frontrunners–and that is US. Let us NOT let them down. Much Love/Light to you. ♥♥♥

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