5.8.13 The Laws of Resonance

Unless you like having worms crammed into cans and stashed away in corners of your psyche, and under your relationships… unless you don’t mind living in constant vigilence, lest you accidentally put your foot in one…This reblog, “The Laws of Resonance,” uses the can of worms as an apt metaphor for the old, fear-based, limiting beliefs that often come up, either within you or as sudden, unpleasant manifestations in your life– just when you least expect them! Just when you feel yourself coming into a lighter, happier, vibrational state of being– there’s that darn can of worms! Well take heart and read about the Laws of Resonance. They explain WHY this happens, why it’s a GOOD thing, and how to use them to set YOURSELF free from holding onto the poor worms, althogether.

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the celestial team

5/5/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We are with You, Beloved!

We are, indeed, with You. Please take those words literally, and to heart. We did not “say” that we are communicating with You through these written words. We “said” that we are with You through these these words. They are carriers of our frequencies, and as Light Beings without physical form, our frequencies ARE us!  Take that in, please.

Because You have lived in a world of physicality for aeons, and because You project YourSelf into physical forms in order to do so, You have become used to relying on Your physical senses to experience and navigate through Your perceived “reality.” This, of course, is a very good idea in a dimension of physicality. We do not by any means discourage You from continuing to use Your fine physical senses–at least, not when You are embodied as a physical being! You need them…

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