Want Scientific PROOF of How Powerful You Are? Here it Is.

4/7/13 Scientific Proof of How Powerful You Are!

First of all! I’m excited to be hearing from so many of you who want to learn how to use your  energetic power tools! That means that you know you are powerful!! Do you realize how wonderful that is? Do you see what a quantum leap you’ve taken? After all, we were seriously programmed to mistrust our power for a very long time! Being even suspected of having power resulted in the persecution of many millions throughout our history. And actually admitting that one had power was deemed sinful, shameful, evil, demented, 0r all of them together. (Deemed by who? By “the powers that be,” of course. Paradoxically. But that’s another story.) Anyway, since claiming to be powerful was a virtual death sentence, keeping one’s mouth shut about it did seem to be a far saner choice for those interested in staying in their physical bodies for any length of time…. No wonder we made a collective decision to forget all about “the P word” for awhile.

Only the mystics, alchemists, and shamans who went “underground,” so to speak, kept the knowlege alive on behalf of our human collective. And so, alive it still is. Your power is stored within every cell of your body–and a whole lot of it is stored in every cell, too! It is yours to claim and use as the Creator Being you truly are and always have been (albeit undercover for a few thousand years). None of us ever needs to deny our own power again. Not only is it safe to reclaim it NOW,  but it is as necessary as it once was to deny it. It is TIME. Because NOW is not THEN!

We are in NEW energy! When we crossed our threshold of 12/21/12, we left the old, fear-based paradigm behind. And, we left all of our fear-based conditioning behind, as well. None of it has any hold over us here in our NEW energetic environment. In a very real sense, we left our past behind us. Does that sound radical? Well, it IS. Maybe even a little “over the edge?” It is that, too. Both of those–radical and over the edge–apply. The Mayans were quite correct in saying that “time would end” on 12/21/12. It DID. It HAS. When we crossed that threshold, it was over as far as we are concerned. The past is GONE. NOW is completely NEW. In other words, we are truly FREE at last.

So congratulations, those of you who want to learn how to use your power tools! I celebrate you for recognizing that NOW is NEW–and  you surely do, even if you don’t know how you know, or even what you know. (Even if you’re quite sure I’ve gone way over the edge for thinking you know anything about it at all, I still celebrate you!) Because what I know (way out here over the edge) is that you’re just acclimating to what it’s like to perceive “energetically,” rather than through our five physical senses, alone. Our energetic sensory abilities are much subtler.

The more you use them, the clearer they will become. The new, lighter energy we’ve entered will support that process, because within it, we need to begin operating as energetic beings. (Don’t worry, you who is afraid that means you’re gonna die! I hear you! But rest assured, you don’t have to leave your physical body to do it. Not just yet, anyway. Besides, that’s a different skill set, entirely. So relax, ok?) This is the whole NEW Paradigm of Being I’ve been talking about for the last two years, remember? We’re here. We made it. And that is exactly why getting familiar with using your energetic power tools suddenly felt like a good idea to some of you. Eureka! It all seems SO simple, once we “see” it, that it feels downright slippery to hold onto, sometimes, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry about that, either. You’ll get used to the silky feeling of energy. Anxiety that it might slip away is just another tattered leftover from the old paradigm. Back in that one, “easy and effortless” doesn’t fit with mastering much of anything. Back there, it was “no pain no gain.” I’m sure you’ve heard that, as well as many other versions of the programmed belief that “personal growth has to be hard.” Well. From what I have learned about energy and our innate ability to use it–not to mention the new stuff I keep learning–that particular programmed belief is one of the biggest crocks of toxic input I have ever heard. Not only is it not useful, it is detrimental.

What I’ve learned through my experience with energy is that “effort” actually upsets our energetic balance, without which we feel confused, overwhelmed, and inadequate. Let it GO. I know, I’ve explained the importance of “ceasing struggle” in many prior workshops and posts, as well as the critical skill of maintaining balance. But I also realize that these aren’t concepts that can be taken in and integrated through a cognitive process. Only through working with energy experientially can we feel/understand/know just HOW MUCH POWER we have. That’s when we really get motivated to also get “the feel” of  having sovereign authority over all of that power, let me tell you! It becomes a literal “no brainer” right away that the dense and  heavy shove of “effort” is. not the kind to be used anywhere near the magnitude of power that each of us has within us! Why not? Because “effort” is an energy of powerlessness.

Using real power requres no labor. Only the frequencies of absolute confidence can  effectively direct the conscious focus and diligent fine-tuning that are required. Do you “see?” To use our kind of power, the essential requirement is  that we step out of the old paradigm’s worker mentality altogether, and into our sovereign authority as Creator Beings. A radical shift? Yes, indeed. Especially since it has taken such enormous effort to maintain DENIAL of  how powerful we are for as long as we have! The power we hold within us is so immeasurable that the amount of energy we’ve had to exert to deny it is absolutely flabbergasting. I am quite sure that it has kept our species on the brink of exhaustion for centuries…But we did it, didn’t we? YOU did it! How much more proof of  our power could anyone possibly need? The universe wonders about that…especially the  being we once knew as Albert Einstein, since he already PROVED that the power within each of us is beyond measure!  See for yourself—

The Scientific Proof- Your Power As A Creator Being Is Beyond Measure


Remember, we’re FREE now. The ONLY thing that can keep us living as if we are powerless is habit. And, exactly because we are so powerful, choosing to stay in the habit of running around and around on a treadmill of old beliefs would be very effective in keeping one in the illusion of powerless. I’m sure you’ve heard the lament that “12/21/12 came and went, and nothing changed,” right? Well, there you go. On the treadmill of old beliefs, nothing ever changes. The truth, however, is that everything has changed. All we need to do is jump off our treadmills and into the change.

Just like you who want to learn the “nuts and bolts” about using your power to0ls are doing! I’m on the case with that, too–I’m putting a Power Toolbox together, and when it’s ready, I’ll be contacting you. There is a “timing element” involved in the process, by the way, which is why I can’t say precisely when, except that it will very likely be before Summer Solstice! In the meantime, any and all who are interested but haven’t yet notified me– or who suddenly “just happen” to get interested– let me know by email to thecelestialteam@gmail.com

Bye for now–you amazingly Powerful Human Beings–and much Love to you!


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    Here’s the celestial team about this one–
    “Beloved, we wish you to take this post into the HUMAN aspect of your multidimensional Self. Your humanity is surely no less fine or powerful than the rest of YOU that resides in the so-called “higher” dimensions with us. Not by a long shot, as you say! It is through your very humanity that you serve your entire universe at this time. Although we SO Love our crucial mission of recharging your connection with your “Divine Self” through our own frequencies, the precious “human you” needs equal Loving encouragement and support NOW. That is exactly why we have an “earth member!” She can speak to your human Self in a way that no non-human celestial being can. It is most important that you do not categorize your own Being in the hierarchical fashion of your old 3rd dimensional paradigm, as that is the very duality-based programming that you are endeavoring to expand beyond. Below is a “divinely human” perspective about where you are, what you are engaged in, and how powerful you are. It carries information and frequencies designed to loosen the hold of both collective and personal human history. It clarifies the human meaning of the threshold you have crossed–and in most accurate and humanly definitive terms, we will tell you–no “ifs ands or buts about it!” Take it in, Beloved. Use it to nourish that precious, stalwart, invincible, divine, humanity of yours with full Self-appreciation. And, if you can’t yet do it on your own behalf–PLEASE do it on OURS.
    We Love You So! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team”

  1. Judith Dagley – Want Scientific PROOF Of How Powerful You Are? Here It is. – 10 April 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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