3.15.13 What Good Are Expectations?

3/15/13  A “Hit of the Day” from Judith

Here is a question that just showed up in my mind:
“When a seed is planted, does it have to know what it will become in order to grow?”
Then, the question immediately answered itself:
“No. All it knows is to grow. And that is enough.”

And I got it. Each of us has the potential to become bigger than we could ever know. How could we know? We haven’t been it yet! But like all live things, we feel the potential, and it wants to GROW. Period. And grow it will.

Like all live things, the potential that is seeded within us to grow is the very reason we were sparked into life. Whether we attempt to restrain it, or put it in a box, or even try to kill it, it will push us to grow into what we are, nonetheless.

Why would the force of our potential be that indomitable unless it was REALLY important?  We know that a tree is not just a tree, for example. Each tree serves an invaluable purpose in sustaining the interconnected web of life  that is the ALL of it’s community. ALL living things are born with a potential that is equally crucial–even YOU.

Does the tree need to know the many complex and intricate ways that growing into it’s potential will serve the ALL, before it grows? No. All it needs is to grow. Just like YOU.

No life can “know itself” except through the experience of becoming. What good are expectations, then, when they are based only on what one already knows? What could expectations possibly be then, besides limitations set on growth? Nothing, of course, except lessons in folly, and often learned the hard way, since the purpose of potential is to grow beyond what we know of ourselves thus far.

Try putting your potential in a box in order to meet your (or more likely, other’s) expectations, and sooner or later, you’ll find out that such attempts at containment will turn your glorious potential into a writhing can of worms within you, so to speak. Containing potential becomes a very messy business because it is a whole lot more powerful than any “shoulds” or “rules.” The medical profession, as well as that of psychotherapy, has thrived on such arrogant efforts, however, since they cause people to run to doctors or therapists in order to “be fixed!”  (Perhaps you already have experienced that scenario?)

What such professionals may do is find ways to ease the pain of the compression of potential within, but they camnnot “fix it.” We are not born with potential in order to limit it through expectations of how it “should grow,” or what it “should become.” Potential cannot be drugged or euthanized away. Potential cannot be cured. And hallelujah for that.

Potential has a purpose that surpasses any human construct, and you can be sure that as long as you are alive in earthly form, that potential of yours will live, as well, and it will do what potential does, which is push to grow. It can grow all over inside you, if you refuse to let it out. It can thrust itself into your neat little organized world in incredibly disruptive ways. It is there to GROW, after all.

Just as YOU are. Your potential is the divine spark of what makes YOU so important to the web of interconnection we all share. And why on earth…why in heaven’s name…would you want to stop the divine?


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    This “Hit of the Day” actually came to me yesterday, and I posted it on my own website–but it wasn’t until this moment that I felt the “light turn green” to reblog it here. I just all of a sudden heard/felt/sensed the words,”NOW! Share it with them NOW!” So I dropped what I was doing, and here it is. I’m understanding that “timing,” (as with the timed sequencing of the Power Tools videos), is critically important NOW, and it is different for the frontrunners, which you, of course are, if you follow our website. As frontrunners, we have “special needs,” you could say, just by taking on all of the responsibilities that such a position implies. Celestial attention and support is very finely attuned to the challenging roles we are playing in this collective ascension process! PLEASE take that to heart, any of you who may not be feeling it yet, and take in the videos and messages, anyway, AS IF you do, in order to prepare for the energies of our upcoming equinox. Trust that you are supported in becoming far more than you could know, and on belalf of your entire collective.The celestial team is intent on bringing you a video about the whys, etc, soon, in order to help you quiet the brain and start listening to YOU! In the meantime, KNOW that you are exhalted. FEEL it– and do not be afraid to let go of fear! ♥

  1. Judith Dagley – What Good Are Expectations? – 17 March 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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