2.23.13 One More Time and the Time is NOW

Everything is made of energy. I know, those of you who are at all familiar with my “work” have heard me say that a whole lot of times already. Not only that, but this entire website is based on the well established, scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, including us! Being made of energy, we are beings of frequency. No news there, right? So why am I writing another post just to repeat this old news again?

Because it is time to step up to the plate and BE the beings that we are. It is also time to step in to the obvious.  If every single thing, including every single one of us, is made of energy, then every seemingly separate thing, including every seemingly separate one of us, is made of that  ONE same thing.  That’s obvious, right? Everything is really ONE thing.

Well, then it’s time to wake up, step up, and step into what we obviously already KNOW. Right? Time to step out of the illusions of the past–you know, those old days when we still thought everything was separate? Just like people have had to do over and over throughout history, whenever what “they thought they knew” was proven to be untrue. And I know, it can be challenging! Just imagine how weird it was when Galileo broke the news that the nice, flat, steady, ground we walk around on is really a round ball that is spinning really, really fast! Very upsetting, to say the least. Poor Galileo…

So, it’s our turn to make a paradigm shift, and this is an even bigger one. Which is why we’ve been pretending not to know about it for so long…but NOW it’s really getting obsolete. I mean, since we’ve “secretly known” that everything is really ONE thing for quite a long time, obviously the old 3rd dimensional ego/brain’s duality programming just isn’t working for us anymore. It’s an operating system that labels and categorizes everything as if they were actually separate things!  What good is that when we KNOW better NOW? Continuing to use it would be choosing to live in a delusional state–on purpose!

OK, so maybe that’s not so unusual, given how terrified of change we humans have always been, but we’ve actually gone into overtime putting this one off. We’ve taken our old way of pretending that everything was discreet and separate from everything else to the very limits of it’s usefulness. All the  judgments of others and the doubting of self that are the by-products of polarity-based perception simply will not sustain us as a human collective any longer. Truth is, to take polarity beyond the limits of its usefulness turns it into a very destructive force, indeed. I don’t say that as a warning, or to try to scare you awake, either! It’s just simple (albeit quantum) physics.

Besides, when we stepped over that threshold of 12.21.12 that we’ve all heard so much about, we stepped into a whole NEW kind of energy, and guess what? It is in perfect alignment with what we NOW know! It is an energy of Unity Consciousness, and it will completely support us in our process of beginning to LIVE what we know–that all is actually ONE. How’s that for support from the Universe? It even sends us the right energy to help us settle into our New Paradigm of Being!

Not only that, but as the beings of frequency that we NOW know we are, and having outgrown the old ego/brain operating system, we even have a whole NEW one, all fired up and ready to go! Our NEW operating system is frequency-based (just like we are),  and it is the multidimensional intelligence of the heart, which has never forgotten that all is ONE.

You see? We could not possibly be more supported in the paradigm shift that is ours to make NOW. The only thing that’s holding us up is our own hesitancy to step up to the plate. It’s time to get with the  program, so to speak! Our NEW one–which is to weave all that separation together again into Unity Consciousness. All we’re waiting for is our OWN support in stepping up, and becoming the Sovereign Reality Creators we truly are, and actually have been, all the time.

That’s right. We already know (in theory, at least), that “reality” is simply a reflection of our own frequencies. Right? So, Unity Consciousness isn’t any dfferent–we have to create it within us in order to see it reflected around us as our “reality.” And, since “unity” means experiencing all as interconnected aspects of ONE, it can only be created through the frequencies of Love. The foundation of this creation within us, then, must be Self-Love.

Let me repeat that–Loving all aspects of Self without conditions or judgments is the only thing that will create the reflections of that same unity among the all that is ALL of us as ONE.

Aye, there’s the rub, is it not? Just look at the cringing, the self-judgments, the things you just can’t accept, or forgive, or even go anywhere near in yourself! You may even have just remembered  something you need to stop reading in order to do right NOW. Filling out your tax return, or cleaning your toilet, may never have called to you so invitingly before. LOL. HahahahahahaHA! I laugh because I am human, too.  I have also felt the seductive voice of the toilet calling for my attention, at the very moment I was about to turn it’s gaze within me.

Sad, isn’t it?  FEEL how sad it is, and turn that loving attention inward, where it belongs! I promise that the more you do, the easier it gets. NOTHING is more important NOW. Until we lay this foundation of Self-Love within us, we will not claim our power as “Sovereign Creator Beings of Frequency.” Without it, we will doubt and judge ourselves too much. We’ll be too afraid of our own power to even face it, let alone use it. And WE are not alone in this paradigm shift. The entire universe is counting on us to step up to that plate of Self-Love, and right NOW.

Right NOW. We are in “overtime,” remember?  We are at a point where every single condition we place on Self-Love rings like an alarm through the universe. I have heard it. We are not just isolated on one little planet in a small galaxy, as we used to think through the old paradigm of separation! How and when each one of us steps up to the plate affects many, many, planets and galaxies, for we are interconnected with them ALL. “As above, so below.” There IS no separation!

I’m including a link to a a video I made with the celestial team. We made it a year ago, as part of our ongoing series of videos that offer tools to use in preparation for this moment of NOW. It is all about laying this foundation of Self-Love within. I am re-introducing some of the videos again because repetition is important in entraining ourselves into using our NEW Way of Being. I often watch them many times– entraining oneSelf into a whole NEW paradigm takes a lot of focus and commitment!

The one offered below will help set the “feel” of the frequencies of Love within you. It will also help you “feel” the difference between being heart-centered and in your head. Please use it to lean on, or for support, as often as you need to get your “NEW balance!” Nobody has do anything alone. Not ever. Not anymore. Truly, we ARE all in this together.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    “We are NOW at the point where every single condition we place on Self-Love rings like an alarm throughout the universe.”
    The celestial team simply will NOT move on to review anymore of our Sovereign Power Tools until we have grounded Self-Love within us as the foundation! (And they don’t want ME to, either!) I understand why. Should our powerful alchemical energies be set withim a foundation that does NOT carry the frequency of Love, they would only lead us awry. They would make our process of acclimating to our New Paradigm much, much, more difficult. So, here we are again, speaking about the importance of Self-Love, and this time through MY voice in order to reach those who may not be as acclimated to frequencies as you are. But the celestial team asked me to post this for You as well, because after all…we ARE all “human,” they say! And they are not going to budge until Self-Love has becomes a part of our humanity! As you read this post, take in every sentence very consciously though your heart center before going onto the next, because, as you will see, each one is quite full.
    And never forget–the call lto do so does not come from the “little you” that your ego/brain “thinks” you are. Oh, no! YOU are a frontrunner on behalf of the ALL, as per your own agreement in coming here, and it does not take many of us to ground the template of Self-Love for the ALL of us. Doing so for yourSelf is doing so for the many, and each and every one of us is counted on NOW. And I KNOW you would never let us down! NONE of us will, not ever, ever, again. With all my heart, I believe in YOU. I believe in ALL of us. ♥

  2. Oscar

     /  February 24, 2013

    There is nothing else worth being ALL the time but LOVE!

  1. Judith Dagley – One More Time And The Time Is NOW – 24 February 2013 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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