What does Valentine’s Day Mean ?


Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, me, or anyone, is the meaning that each of us GIVES to it.

For some, that meaning evokes sadness, or anger.

For some, it evokes joy.

Some feel like giddy kids again.

Some feel triggered into outrage by all the commercial “marketing” of love.

Some resent the pressure that this marketing puts on them to EXPRESS love.

Others use it as an “excuse to take the risk” to do just that.

The list goes on. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a blank slate, then–it can mean just about anything, depending on the meanings we give to it–and these “meanings” are actually information about our OWN beliefs and choices.

Well I say, why not just find a meaning that makes you HAPPY and celebrate THAT? Why NOT?

Why not use it to fall in LOVE today–with YOURSELF?

Why not let it be the catalyst for a whole NEW template of SELF-LOVE?

The meaning of the date and how you use it is entirely up to YOU!

So, I wish you all a most HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥ WHY NOT?


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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