This transmission from the celestial team is such a richly condensed explanation of how we create our realities that I had to share it here. I also realize that it is SO condensed that it is more like a syllabus for a class on using our energetic technology than a single message! For one thing, attuning to energy is a much subtler sensory process than we are used to engaging in through our five 3D senses, For another, there are single sentences in this message that are so encoded with information that an entire blog entry could be devoted to each one of them–or even a workshop! Therefore, take the message in, and consider it a foundation for more to come. More explanation, guidance, and lessons about exactly HOW to use this amazingly powerful energetic technology that we all have–each and every one of us.

So, there’s more to come! In the meantime–BELIEVE…PERCEIVE…RECEIVE. That’s reality in a nushell. Stay attuned! I’ll keep you posted — ♥ Judith


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

the celestial team

1/15/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved! Happy 2013 to you!

Do you like the title we chose for our message? We think it is quite “snappy!” It is “catchy,” don’t you agree? And the words even rhyme…believe, perceive, receive…The rhyming makes them easy to remember, does it not? That is what we like about them most of all, because we want very much for you to remember them. And, we believe you will perceive why, and so receive them fully, as you read on into our message! There is much more to them, you see, than words alone convey. Much, much, more…


Ah, NOW there is a magic word, indeed. It might even be the most powerful word in your language, for it holds within it the seeds of “reality,” itself. We tell you in truth, Beloved, that everything you perceive as part of…

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