7.24.12– Ready, Set, Center!

According to the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, today, July 24th, 2012, is a very important day. I know this because my intuition began nagging at me a few days ago to find out about it. So, mostly to get some peace and quiet again,  I finally did some research. YOWZA. What I read resonated with what I’ve been hearing from earth spirits, celestial guides– and my own experience– so intensely that I got the chills for at least three minutes straight. Today is, indeed, a powerful day, as will be the 26th, and the more of us who know about it and use these potent energies, the more powerful they become. So of, course, I had to share a brief summary of what I found out with you, and I hope that after you read this, you’ll share it, too. And of course, do your own research–don’t just take my word for it! Besides, what I’m writing is just a taste, not the whole rich and potent meal! So why not go get it? You deserve it! We ALL do.

So, my summary in a nutshell (or two): The glyph for today, July 24th, is the Red Overtone Earth, which is called Caban. It is the point of access to your natural alignment with the life force of the earth in the NOW.  And not only that, but by centering within yourSelf and aligning with this magnetizing force, you also align with the galactic center!   Thus, you are both grounded on the earth and “plugged in” to the energies of ascension, itself.

The way to use this activating alignment is to fully commit to your own center within–and not just for today, but from now on.  Today is the day that the Overtone of Cabal will powerfully assist you in doing so, so that your internal connection to your center is strong, and staying there will become natural to you over time. Your own commitment, however, is equally necessary–because you are sovereign. Because you have free will. Because what you say, goes.

Today, take the time to meditate and focus on your own center. Feel  it connect you with the center of the life force deep within the earth. Feel its magnetizing energy hold you firmly grounded. Then, feel yourSelf connect as well with the powerful electrical energies of the galactic center. Feel these powerful electromagnetic energies meet in your own center within. As you do so, your center will begin to vibrate and radiate your own energy, your very essence, outward in a way that can be perceived at great distances. By commiting to your own radiance, you commit to your own power, take authority over it, and become an unstoppable force in the world. Yowza, right? I told you!

You see, all of the sometimes difficult clearing of old, painful, patterns and releasing of judgments that you  have been doing up to this point has been preparing you for just this moment of committing to your center and becoming a force of poweful change in the world. It is time to let go, once and for all, of the suffering caused by the old  illusions of powerlesss and become what you truly are NOW–the creative force of your own life, as well as the reflections of “reality” that you create around you.

And that’s not all! July 26th is the first day of the Mayan Dreamspell New Year, and that’s what this aligning with center today is preparing you for!  The glyph for July 26th is the Blue Resonant Storm, ruled by the planet Pluto., and is called Cauac. It symbolizes initiation by fire, as well as purifying rain and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. (That’s Pluto for you! You can see why it was a good idea to release as much fear and negativity as possible before NOW, and get centered in your sovereignty today, right?)

The tone for the Blue Resonant Storm is called Cosmic, and is the thirteenth and final tone of creation, representing the stage of completion. It is the tone of endurance, transcendence, and presence– meaning interconnected through the energetic threads that weave all life into One. Use July 26th, this first day of the New Year, to commit to bringing your centered presence fully into the world. Since it is only possible to be present in the moment, in order to be fully present, one must commit to staying conscious, centered, and present for every one of them.  NOW is an ongoing process, after all!

This next year promises to be quite an adventure, as all times of transformation are. Remember  that, as an unstoppable creative force in the world, you are able to transcend all past illusions of limitation, and to endure the waves of life by riding them as the master you are. Use the energies of NOW to prepare, and then get ready for the ride you’ve been waiting for!

(By the way–if you happen not to read this until after these dates have come and gone, you can still access their energies to align, center, and prepare. Because time is merely a third dimensional illusion, all you have to do is put yourself in the energies of the 24th and the 26th before you work with them. This is not hard, and does not require a lot of hocus-pocus. You simply put the dates in your consciousness, and intend yourself into them. Then, don’t doubt that you did it. You DID! Just be there!)




Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved

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