7.4.12 Musings on the 4th of July

Why is our “national anthem” a song about bombs exploding in the air, and why do we all sing it?

Why do we celebrate the birth of our country by exploding bombs in the air?

Why are we programmed from early childhood to think of our country as “the best,” and “the most powerful?”

And why do so many of us still buy into those customs, those definitions– even though in our hearts, we know better by now?

I have nothing against collective unity, far from it!  But collective unity that depends on arrogance, separation, and having power over others seems a bit–insecure to me. Kind of like a bully who has to prove him/herself at the expense of others.  And although bullies can be, and usually are, quite dangerous to others, I always feel compassion in my heart for them, because of their desperate need to prove themselves at any cost.

Clearly, bullies see the world as a dangerous place. The tragedy is that, because of their fearful view, they actually make the world a dangerous place. In that, they teach a potent lesson to us all.

If we see the world through eyes of fear, we will find what we look for.

If we strive to have power over others, then we will have no true friends.

I look forward to the day when all citizens, everywhere, refuse to sing songs about bombs and power over others in celebration of their country.  I look forward to songs about kindness, and collaboration, and peace.

I look forward to the day when we don’t set off bombs to celebrate anything– and never call them anything but bombs, either–no matter how pretty they look.

I look forward to the day when all countries join hands and join in celebration of one another for the unique and special role each plays in the family of us All.

I look forward to Unity Consciousness, and you know what? I believe it is coming. I believe that because it has always lived in our hearts, every one of us. We have just been programmed to believe otherwise. All we have to do is get conscious. All we have to do is go to our hearts for the truth of how we really feel about one another, and then listen. And then, simply say “no” to turning on one another ever again.

I believe that Unity Consciousness is innate within us. It is, beneath all the superficial programming and the lies we’ve bought into, our hearts’ desires. And, it might be just around the corner. When humans join hands across the globe to say, “Enough of enslavement to war, enough violence, enough inhumanity to one another,” nothing and no one anywhere can stop them. United, the heart of humanity cannot be enslaved, broken, conned, or deceived. United, we can shift into a whole new paradigm of being in a heartbeat.

So tonight, while many are watching bombs go off in a dazzling display of fireworks across our country, I’ll be looking at the stars instead. And I’ll have stars in my eyes, as well–stars of faith in the true, loving, nature of humanity. I believe that is what we are here now to express at last–and I’m counting on it–and on us.




Copyright(c) 2012 Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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