Using the Path to Your New Creation

Keep Your Path Clear, Use All Signposts That Appear 

Use All Reflections That “Reality” Provides.

*  This is a Universal Law: Reality can only reflect what YOU create.

*  Reflections reflect.  They are themirror.  YOU are the source.

*  Find the source of the reflection within you.

*  Then either clear or amplify what you find.

Use All Apparent “Stumbling Blocks.”

*  There ARE no stumbling blocks—there is only information.

*  A“seeming disappointment” is really a limiting belief surfacing so that you can clear it out of your path.

*  A negative response from another reflects a imiting belief you hold about YOURSELF.  Now
that you see it, you can  clear it!

 Know That All Situations and All Circumstances Are Basically Neutral.

*  Reality is a blank canvas upon which you paint what you most strongly believe is true.

*  We always create the least painful scenario for ourselves.  For example,  if we want
recognition but fear exposure even more, we will energetically block recognition to avoid

Always Work With Energetic Flow.

*  “Easy” is confirmation that you are smoothly on track and in flow.

*  “Hard” means out of flow and “pushing against.” Hard” means STOP.

Maintain the Frequency of Your Manifestation.

*  If you drop out, it will arrive and you won’t be up there to receive it.

Major Pitfall: DO NOT Look to Your External “Reality” for the Change You Have Made!

*  If you wait for reality to “show you” the change, then YOU haven’t made the
.  Reality is a mirror, YOU’RE the creator.

If you aren’t already smiling into the mirror, your reflection won’t be smiling back, will it?

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