1.31.12 How to Create Radical Change– Right NOW

There are  many techniques and creative tools  that can be used to create radical change.  In fact, there are as many of them as there are of us.  Every one of us has our own unique frequency signature, and much like our handwriting, each has its own special flair. We use our power with our own unique flair as well.

What IS common to all of us is that we HAVE that power.  What IS a common requirement for all of us in order to USE our power is that we CLAIM it. Imagine trying to sign your name, and it is something you have done many thousands of times, but not for awhile. So, you have forgotten that you know how. In fact,  you have come to firmly believe that you do not know how.  I assure you that even though you DO know how, your belief would stop you cold.  We honor our beliefs above all else, and because we are very powerful, the universe complies.

The great feat then, is not “learning how to manifest change.” We already KNOW how.  The great feat is the small step into believing in what we know.  Once we step into our full sovereign authority as creator beings, our abilities flow as freely from us as our handwritten signatures flow from our hands.

Below is the link to “Navigating in the NOW, part 3.”  In it, I describe my first experience of fully claiming that sovereign authority, and then using it to bring my dying body back to health.  This was a change so radical, so seemingly miraculous, that I could never fall back into doubting this power that we all have, ever again. How could I?  I am living in the truth of it– my living, thriving, physical body– every day!

It is quite a story, all right, and one day I’ll tell it all in detail.  For now, however, it serves to make me a voice you can believe in when I tell you about your OWN power to do what I did, and more.  And it serves to propel me to use my voice out loud and with certainty, for I am living the truth of it.  So, watch the video, and see YOUR power. And take the leap.  Believe!

HOW NOW? HOW to USE your sovereign power in the NOW to create radical change is the subject of this video.
 I, Judith, did just that when I healed my dying body well again, and fast! I didn’t know “how” to do it, either. I only knew that I could, and that was enough. Here is the “how” I invented and used. And I use it still for all kinds of timeline jumping– because it works for me. Use it if it resonates, or use it to inspire you to create your own methods!
Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.judithdagley.wordpress.com, www.thecelestialteam.com
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