Clearing a Path For Your New Creation

                                                      CLEARING THE PATH


CLEAR AWAY All Resentments and/or Judgements of Others.

*  It is in each unfolding moment of NOW that you create your future.

*  Judgements and resentment are from the past.

* Judgements and resentments keep you locked in the bondage of victimization.

*  Unless you want to use them to recreate your future, drop them NOW.


*  Don’t justify it.  Justice isn’t even relevant.  Just DO IT.

*  Do it because you are vast and divine and because YOU CAN.

CLEAR AWAY All Self-Judgements, Self-Blame, and Guilt.

*  Self-judgements and self-blame keep you locked in self-deprivation.

*  Guilt keeps you believing that you are undeserving.

*  Unless you want to use them to create a future of self-denial, drop them NOW.


*  You are guilty of NOTHING.  We are all “willing players” in what has been  a very big game.

*  You re on this planet only to care for your light and to experience more joy.

* Believe it and get on with it.  This is your truth.

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  1. Ed Knop

     /  August 29, 2011

    Right on! Write on. -E.


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