Surfing the Energy Waves

 Surfing the Waves 

Holding the Frequency of Your New Creation

In order to keep from “undoing” your creation, you need to hold its frequency regardless of external chaos, internalentrainment, and reflections of limiting beliefs that show up to be
cleared.  You need to CLAIM the role of MASTER.  To do that, you must love your SELF enough to accept all that is within you.  Once you accept all within you, you ARE a master.  Then, stay
conscious, maintain authority, and navigate as the creator you are.  Some basic tips:

 Stay grounded in your body in the moment.

*  You can’t navigate if you aren’t fully present.

* Either BE THERE to surf, or check out and be submerged.  Your choice.

Maintain BALANCE.

*  In our polarized reality, if you go high, you must go low.

*  The highs and lows come VERY quickly now.

*  Unless you want the thrills of a wild ride, balance is better.

Balance is centered in neutral, unconditional love.

*  Release judgements, resistance, and attachments.

*  Accept what is.  Accept the waves in order to ride them.

 Remember: Everyone and everything that causes you pain Is really YOU causing you pain.  All is reflection.

*  Findthe turbulence WITHIN YOU. Find, accept, and release then follows.

We are here to integrate, not to pick and choose!  Only through acceptance of what is can we create what we long for, and what we long for is always an expression of love.  And unconditional love IS the frequency of creation.

Happy Surfing!

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