Setting Intentions in the Fertile Womb of the New Moon

                                             New Moon Channeling on Setting Intentions

You are an energetic being.  Whatever you plant as an intention, own the planting.  Your energy
is the garden, and it is your responsibility to be the gardener. 

Claim your intentions as seeds, alive with the potential of life.  

They are not wishes, or pipedreams, or requests. They are declarations.

Be fertile soil.  Nourish your intentions with actions, emotions and thoughts that are in alignment with their life.

Keep your garden weeded, free from destructive pests, such as doubt and limiting beliefs, that would “undo” the life of your intention.

Give them plenty of light and space to grow.  Water them with your high frequencies.

Honor them as new life, just as the life of a newly planted embryo is honored in the womb.  Although it cannot be seen, and s not yet even formed, the nursery is prepared.

Leave the form of your intention up to the universe.  Do not limit your creation with expectations of “how it must look,” or “how it should unfold.”  The universe can always outdream you!

(Note that both your “masculine” &  feminine” energies are required.  You are WHOLE!)

—Judith Dagley


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