The Quantum Art of Jumping Timelines

The Basics

 1.  Identify the timeline you choose to move out of.

Recognize the emotional patterns that have kept you locked within it.

 2.  Release all judgements.

Simply observe.  The neutrality of acceptance is what will set you free.

 3.  Wait for the frequency of unconditional love, which ALWAYS

        follows acceptance.

  Now, you’re cookin’!  You got POWER!

 4.  Identify the timeline you choose to move into.

Experience the frequency, or feeling, rather than limit it with form.

 5.  Move into that frequency!  Breathe it in, feel it.  Make it real!

Hold that state of being.  Your external reality will begin to reflect it only to the extent that you do.  YOU’RE the frequency creator!

 6.  Take a meaningful action that expresses this new timeline.

Walk like you talk, in other words!  BE the master!  BELIEVE it!

7.  Persevere

Stay in the present, so you know what you are pulsing out every moment.  If you lose the frequency of the new timeline, RESET!  Be a patient master while the energies scramble to catch up with you!

 Judith Dagley          310.397.5116        

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