Quantum Theory and Altering Reality

EVERYTHING is energy.

All physical matter is the result of particles vibrating at a certain frequency.

If you change or amplify that frequency in any way, you change your physical and current reality.

Example: If you increase the vibrational frequency of water particles through heat energy, you create steam, and if you slow them down by removing heat energy, you create ice.

Just like heat, our intentions  are energy.

Every choice you make creates a different version of reality.

Judgements create an internal loop of the same vibration, running over and over in a circuit of the same version until they are cleared.

How do you clear them?  Release judgement!

You cannot create a new version of reality until you break the circuits that keep you locked in the old one.

Only from a place of neutrality can you manifest change.  Otherwise, you are locked in a circuit of resistance/attachment.

Acceptance = neutrality =unconditional love=connection with SOURCE

Image:  See the colors of your 3rd dimensional chakra system as a color wheel.  In the center is the white light of your wholeness.  3D acts as a prism that refracts your whole white light into those color fragments, creating the illusion of separation, which leads to judgements.  To  center in your neutral white light, all colors must be spinning together in balance.  Use this image to release attachments and resistance to one color (state of being) or the other, until you are in a state of neutral peace.  THAT is unconditional love.  THAT is your place of power.

   Judith Dagley, Your life: Your Creation, 5/24/11   310.397.5116   judithdagley@aol.com

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